16.05.22 ↦ 20.05.22


FromCLOTHtoCLOTHING is a team constituted by a constellation of practitioners engaged in different fields completing one another, at the intersection between architecture, textile and graphic design. : Jeremy Glâtre (graphic designer), Nadine Göpfert (textile designer), Iris Lacoudre (architect), Akane Moriyama (textile designer), Jeanne Moullet (architect), Louise Morin (architect).
The collective, which has already led workshops in architecture and design schools, questions the space between the body and its environment, its scales and the enveloping textile.

Bellastock (FR) 

23.05.22 ↦ 27.05.22

Paille Mobile

Bellastock is a SCIC SAS architecture company that works to enhance the value of places and their resources. Committed to the ecological and circular transition, Bellastock has led several dozen projects since 2012, including full-scale construction festivals, studies, project management and contracting for public and private clients, in the fields of the circular economy, resource optimisation, transitional urbanism and transmission.
Bellastock supports another way of doing architecture, anchored in its time and respectful of its environment

OnSite (FR/US)

30.05.22 ↦ 04.06.22

Contemporary Neolithic

onSITE (Marie + Keith Zawistowski) is a laboratory of both architecture and construction. The name onSITE is born from the idea that durable, timeless and culturally significant works of architecture emerge from an intimate understanding of people and place. At a time when globalization has drawn many architects to urban centers and has diluted our work to the production of ephemeral images – iconic sculptures that belong to everywhere and nowhere and which fade as quickly as they rise – onSITE has sought focus in serene places: taking the time to draw, to make models and even to build many projects with their own hands.

Anna Saint-Pierre (FR)

06.06.22 ↦ 10.06.22

Recycler les mémoires bâties

Anna Saint Pierre is a textile designer, graduated from the École des Arts Décoratifs (2016). As a researcher in the SACRe programme, she is working on a thesis on the “Textilisation of built memory through the in situ reuse of architectural waste”. Through her collaborations with architects, designers and artists, she develops protocols for the in situ transformation of built material.

Cookies (FR/NL) 

06.06.22 ↦ 10.06.22

Pierre liquide

Cookies is a design and architecture studio founded in 2016 by Alice Grégoire, Federico Martelli, Clément Périssé and Antonio Barone. Cookies is a catalyst for art and architecture; a polyphonic dialogue between research and production. Using exhibition-making as a medium, Cookies dismembers and re-articulates the relation between art, display, curation and space, diving into projects that require a critical approach and multidisciplinary collaboration.
Cookies is based in Rotterdam and Paris.

Atelier Fanelsa (DE)

15.06.22 ↦ 18.06.22

Places of rural practice

Atelier Fanelsa is an international team of architects based in Berlin and Gerswalde. The studio investigates contemporary forms of working, living and commoning in the countryside, the periphery, and the city. The studio realises private projects, public buildings, exhibitions, and workshops. Within these formats, Atelier Fanelsa develops innovative and qualitative answers to questions and conditions of today’s society.
Niveau Zéro Atelier, Anaïs Guery and Eléonore Grignon will be the local experts of the workshop.

Tectoniques – Lucas Jollivet (FR)

20.06.22 ↦ 24.06.22

60 x 60

Tectoniques is a group of about forty architects and engineers, based in Lyon and Bordeaux. The collective claims to have a committed environmental approach and a specific approach to prefabrication and dry construction, mainly using wood and biosourced solutions.
Lucas Jollivet (b.1987) graduated from the École nationale supérieure d’architecture de Saint-Étienne in 2009. He created his studio Lucas Jollivet Architecte in Lyon in 2015, in parallel with his practice at Tectoniques since 2009. He has been teaching at Ensa de Saint-Étienne since 2017, and was the winner of the AJAP prize in 2020.

With the support of ENSASE

Amàco (FR)

25.06.22 ↦ 03.07.22

Grains de bâtisseurs, construire en terre crue, jeux d’adobe

amàco is a research, expertise and training centre that supports professionals and future professionals in the fields of construction, architecture and design in the conception and realisation of projects transforming locally available natural materials into building materials. amàco also accompanies the development of production networks for raw earth materials and plant fibres in the territories.
Sand, gravels, clays, wicker, bamboo and all the raw materials that surround us are studied by amàco. By combining science, technology, art and architecture, amàco reveals their constructive and aesthetic potential.

Magali Paris + Walter Simone (FR/IT)

02.07.22 ↦ 09.07.22

Wiki Prairie School

Magali Paris & Walter Simone, teachers at Versailles and Paris Val de Seine, co-founders of the international Wiki Building School programme, have been working since 2016 to involve architecture students in educational actions for young audiences through playful design-build on a scale of 1. As an extension of the physical experience, the constructions are experimented in virtual worlds to amplify one by the other and work on a sensory as well as dreamlike architecture.

Porto Academy (PT)

avec Arquitectura G, Carla Juaçaba, Emilio Marin, Léonard & Raphael Kadid, William Guthrie

06.07.22 ↦ 13.07.22

Porto Academy visiting Versailles

Porto Academy is the result of an enormous passion for architecture as a discipline. Porto Academy is a manifesto of pluralism and opportunity based on close tuition from a diverse range of architects, artists and curators. It is an alternative educational experience, unburdened by established rules or dogmas, where students learn first hand from the singular visions of practice exemplified by invited tutors.

Âtre (FR)

11.07.22 ↦ 13.07.22

Le casse-croûte

ÂTRE is an association of young professionals and students in the fields of architecture, landscape and urban planning. It aims at animating intense times of meetings between its members within the context of ephemeral studies in rural areas.
ÂTRE is also, as its name suggests, the place where a fire is made in a house. A ritual space for feasting and eating, it is with the same spirit of conviviality and rejoicing that the life parallel to the workshops is organised on the principle of a ” veillée “.

Gaïa – Les Grands Ateliers (FR)

Plateforme de support & logistique

Les Grands Ateliers are a scientific, technological and educational platform.
They provide students in architecture and engineering with the opportunity to design and build prototypes of buildings, mostly on a scale 1, within the context of educational modules integrated into their studies. This pedagogy brings into play a true cultural mix associating, whenever possible, architecture, arts, design, engineering sciences, social sciences and the industrial world.
Les Grands Ateliers also aim to develop the research in architecture and to diffuse scientific, technical and industrial culture around eco-responsible housing and the sustainable city in order to better face the changes affecting our society.